Ripple (XRP) Descends by 2% in Weekly Price Movement

Ripple price movement is indicating an upside movement at the time of writing. The coin is at $0.2309, with the market cap of $10,036,595,572. However, in the last seven days, XRP price has reflected heavy fluctuations. The coin dropped below the 52-week low and created a new at $0.207. Well, the momentum of Ripple is improving along with the market. In a 7-day run, XRP coin was spotted touching a high at $0.236373 and a low at $0.207013.

Ripple Price Prediction:

Ripple Price Chart

XRP coin was dealing at $0.236 on November 24, 2019. The price slipped to $0.218 by 7.81%. On November 25, the currency touched 52-week low at $0.207, but improved after that and closed at $0.219 with a progression of 0.84%. On the next day, Ripple’s price remained moderate around $0.219. On November 27, the price escalated to $0.227. The upsurge marked was 3.60%. On November 28, there was a pullback experienced by the coin that brought the XRP price down to $0.223 by 1.65%. On November 29, the currency improved and touched $0.231 by 3.70%. Today, Ripple is trading around $0.230. There is a strong possibility of improvement in the price.

The traders looking for long-term investment should consider Ripple as it is speculated to give flourishing results in the future. For intraday traders, the day seems to bring some good news. The coin is at $0.230 and is moving towards the immediate resistance level at $0.24.

Will Ripple (XRP) Be Able to Pull Itself Away from The Bear Pressure?

Ripple price did not begin the year on a good note, but it will not deter the price from surging upwards in the coming months. Only the bearish volatility which crept in the crypto market in July managed to pull the price of XRP coin down. The price has been moving below the baseline since then though it has been trying to recover itself at regular intervals. The price of XRP has been moving in the range of $0.24 – $0.46, as seen from the YTD price movement.

Ripple Price Analysis

XRP price has been bogged down by the bear pressure since July. The price was at $0.3669 on January 08. It went down to $0.2856 by 21.99% drop on February 02. Ripple price then began to rise and went up to $0.36019 on April 07, uptrend being to the extent of 25.88%. It again fell on May 10 to $0.2967. The bulls had made their entry in the crypto market by then, and the price of XRP was on a continual upward rally and reached $0.4692 on Jun 25 by showing a massive hike of 57.50%. With the crypto market showing bearish volatility in July, the XRP coin had tumbling and went down below the baseline to $0.2659 on August 08. With the price still being below the baseline, Ripple managed to recover to $0.3164 on September 18. With the bearish sentiment continuing, the price continued its fall and reached $0.2486 on November 20. The price of XRP today is at $0.2188, showing a negligible rise.

Ripple Price

Ripple price has been caught in the bear volatility in the crypto market through the price does try to recover at regular intervals. The short-term looks bearish for the coin, but experts have confidence in the ability of XRP coin to outshine the bears as it has done in the past. They expect the coin to get back to its steady winning ways by early 2020. Investors should let this volatile period pass and wait for the crypto market stability to make gains.

Will the Negative Phase Continue Further for Ripple (XRP)?

XRP coin was trading at $0.30996 on October 25, 2019, with an upside momentum maintained. $0.31168 was the highest value for the coin on November 6, 2019. Then, Ripple’s price was dropped to $0.27344 two days later post which the scenario changed. From November 18, 2019 till the present-day, the currency is being traded with bearish pressure.

XRP Price Prediction:

Ripple was valued at $0.25625 on November 20, 2019 presently shows a downtrend by 16.71%. As per the current movement, it can manage to move upwards and reach its crucial resistance $0.218.

XRP coin can be purchased, or some old ones can also be held as the trend noticed. November 18, 2019 onwards, the bears have gained hold on Ripple. Over the past month, the coin was performing quite well and maintaining the uptrend until the said date. XRP will sooner or later bounce back again and rise.

XRP Price Chart

Ripple (XRP) Needs to Gear Up its Performance to Stay Out of Bears

In April, Ripple’s price managed to grow by 14.87% as compared to January price of $0.3158. The coin once again showed a massive rise of 60.38% in May and reached $0.4580. The highest price of XRP coin was noticed on June 22 when it reached $0.4740. Since it could not sustain performance, September 24 saw a further fall of 41.72%. While writing this piece, the price trend of Ripple remained downwards.

Ripple Price Analysis:


XRP price shows a fall of 21.68% since November 6, 2019. It may continue to drop shortly and reach close to its support of $0.2400. It may manage to reach $0.2828, maybe by a few days.

It is a decent time to buy XRP coins at the moment. $0.24211 – $0.25300 can be the range of being traded. May 13, 2019, until July 10, 2019 was the only period in which Ripple has shown an uptrend. The remaining YTD performance of the coin has seen several rises and falls and major dominance by the bears.

Ripple (XRP) Reflects Plunge in Quarterly Price Movement

  • Ripple price exhibits downtrend in the last three months
  • The fall exhibited is speculated to last for some time

The current market pressure has led many coins to deal with lower digits. XRP coin, which is counted among the top cryptocurrency was trying to battle with the ongoing pressure. Well, the effort went in vain as Ripple price fell under the market pressure and started registering loss. In the last 3 months, the price has registered fall. Let’s have a look at the XRP price chart:

Ripple Price Chart

The three-month chart of Ripple is indicating a fall in the price. Three months ago, on August 19, the currency was at $0.28431. The month closed with 8.84% fall. In this 11-days, the XRP price moved from $0.284 to $259. September started with a moderate movement in the first few days until it climbed to $0.32677 from $0.260 by 26.34%. The currency could hold itself at the level and fell to $0.21497 by 4.52% drop. The last few days of the month reflected recovery that helped Ripple to jump to $0.26220 again. The month recorded progression of 0.58%.

In October, the XRP coin started escalating from the beginning and took the price to $0.284 and later to $0.298 by 8.43% and 4.77%, respectively. Later, Ripple price dropped to $0.25090 but soon recovered and jumped to $0.29411. The month-long price movement reflected a profit of 13.80%. The ongoing month started with a slight uptrend. The price touched $0.31174 by 6% profit. The currency dropped to $0.26064 again in recent days due to the heavy market pressure.

Ripple Price Prediction

The market is speculated to improve in the coming days. Ripple price is speculated to improve with time. The current scenario might not be impressive, but the coin is anticipated to give a colossal result in the future.

For intraday traders, the coin is gradually moving towards the next support level at $0.259 by breaching the immediate support level at $0.262. There is a slight possibility that Ripple might recover in the coming hours. Ripple is speculated to give great results in the future. The traders interested in the currency are suggested to go for long-term investment. The specified period would give best result to the traders.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $0.268815
R2 $0.272376
R3 $0.275368
Support Level Price
S1 $0.262262
S2 $0.25927
S3 $0.255709

Ripple (XRP) Loses 15.41% Over the Last Week; No Signs of Recovery

  • Ripple has been down by 15.41% over the last 7 days
  • The next resistance may come at 0.2753 USD

XRP coin has been down by 15.41% over the last seven days, and it has been through three major price variations in this period. The price variations have been in the range between 0.3179 USD and 0.2702 USD.

Ripple Price Analysis

XRP price was at 0.3179 USD on November 07, and its first swing of the week happened over the next 1 day and 14 hours that took 0.0477 USD away from the value to place Ripple at 0.2702 USD. It was followed by a hike of 5.26%, and it added 0.0142 USD to the value and pushed the XRP price to 0.2844 USD by 16:25 UTC, November 10. The last variation happened over the next 3 days, and this swing cost 0.0140 USD or 4.92% and pushed the value to 0.2704 USD by 13:20 UTC, November 13.


Ripple (XRP) Forecast

The market cap also has shown an abrupt decline over these 7 days. Between November 7 and 14, it got to 11.822 billion USD from 12.647 billion USD. Ripple’s 20 days average is now at 0.28894 USD, and 50 days average stands at 0.27843 USD.

Ripple (XRP) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $0.27536
2nd Resistance $0.27769
3rd Resistance $0.27972
1st Support $0.27100
2nd Support $0.26897
3rd Support $0.26664